Friday, 30 November 2012

Tomorrow---such a long time away!

Why am I waiting for tomorrow, you ask?  Well, tomorrow is the first day that Demonstrators are able to order from the brand new Spring Catalogue.  It becomes available for public orders on January 3rd, but tomorrow it's available for Demonstrators.  Excuse me while I do my little "happy dance".

I'm planning on having an Open House (heads up for those who enjoy my classes) between Christmas and New Year's.  When I have the exact date, I'll post it here.  That's when I'll be able to let everyone handle some of the brand new items that I've showcased in cards and projects and also by letting everyone who attends try them out in a card or small 3-D project.  By that time it will be a treat to do something not related to Christmas, won't it?

Once my order goes in, it won't be long before I receive my new supplies and then---well---stay tuned for new posts, all about spring.

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