Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I'd rather be crafting...

My refrigerator began freezing everything.  I'm not talking about the freezing compartment, either.  I'm talking about my refrigerator.

I've discovered a few things since the problem began last Friday.  Tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers and a whole lot of other fruits and vegetables turn to mush when they freeze solid and then thaw.  Since I had just filled my refrigerator with fresh produce, this was a very unhappy discovery.

Wanting a glass of milk or water and discovering it won't pour because it's solidly frozen in its container isn't much fun, either.  I could keep on about what isn't fun about a refrigerator that freezes everything, but you get the idea.

Checking out the internet over the weekend, I found out what the problem is:  the thermostat is broken.  I also found some excellent diagrams showing exactly where the thermostat is located, how it is taken out and how the new one would be installed.  I do a lot of trouble-shooting and repair work so it really didn't look all that hard.

Yesterday I located a store in nearby Red Deer which carried the part and bought it.  Today I emptied my refrigerator, flipped the breaker in the electrical panel to ensure that being electrocuted wasn't a possibility and proceeded to disassemble the control box area of my refrigerator.

After about an hour of trying various different ways, I gave up trying to disconnect the main harness plus and the light fixture plug.  There has to be some sort of trick to taking those plugs apart and the diagram doesn't hint towards a solution.  So I gave up and left the kitchen and drowned my frustration in some heavy duty heat embossing.  I had to make some cards for an upcoming WOW class anyway and the detailed work took my mind off the refrigerator.

Then my daughter came over, responding to my call for help (I had sent her a text message on her phone).  Apparently with an extra set of hands, it was possible to take the plugs apart.  Hard with just the one set since the housing had to be held up until it was unplugged.

So...I now have a working fridge.  The thermostat allows me to turn off the fridge (didn't before) and, I'm assuming, allows temperature control.  Apparently it takes 24 hours for the temperature in a fridge to right itself.

All in all---I'd rather be crafting.

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