Friday, 22 February 2013

Give it a chance...

I have to learn to give things a chance before reacting negatively.  That is definitely self-knowledge that I am having to embrace.  Yes, there was the incident with the Delicate Details Lace Tape, and we all know that I like the way that looks on cards, right?  I had to 'fess up to that a short while ago.

There is also the matter of my reaction to the All Dressed Up stamp set and the co-ordinating Dressed Up framelits.  I saw those and immediately thought they would be good for a one-time use and then gather dust. Each time I went past the page in the Spring Catalogue, I told myself the same thing.  The problem is that each time I went past the page, my voice grew less convincing as I told myself that.  Finally (yes, you've probably already guessed this) I wound up buying the bundle.  When it arrived I was ambivalent and put it aside for another few weeks.

Yesterday evening I used the set.  It was so much fun to "play dolls" and use this set.  I can imagine all sorts of projects, too.  Imagine a framed set of three or four dresses, all different, for a girl's room (or even for a dressing room if you're lucky enough to be one of the select few that owns one of those).  I'm itching to try a few different projects!

This card is what they call an "easel" card, which means it stand up by itself to display the front, like an easel.  I really enjoy making this type of card and also the twisted easel variety.

The little "DREAM" statuette is not part of the card but seemed appropriate.


  1. Gorgeous easel card Heidi. The roses coloured on the base look great. I feel the same way about the whale die & stamp set. I keep telling myself no & then seeing lots of great ideas using it. So far I have held off but am not sure for how long!

    1. You may as well admit defeat right now, Tricia. For one thing, that whale die is the least expensive die you'll see in a while, and for another thing it's just so darned cute. I've done a couple of cards using it so far and absolutely loved it (and so did the class in which we did it). I had held strong about not buying the All Dressed Up bundle and finally caved. And really, looking at the results, I don't know why I didn't want to buy it to begin with.


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