Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye to a grand old year!

2013 had its ups and downs.  But what year doesn't?  The ups are always so much better when you have a few downs to compare them to, aren't they?  I know they are for me.

2013 certainly left its mark on some of my friends.  Flood damages!  Major flood damages!  A lot of people are still hurting from the extremes of weather the year offered.  If it wasn't flooding, it was hail.  If it wasn't hail, it is the endless snow!  How can so much snow exist, for Heaven't sakes?  Everyone's big question these days is "where are we going to put even more snow?"

And through it all I've been playing with paper.  Even today, when I was (apparently) clearing up my crafting space, I became sidetracked and had to make a card.

The brand new Spring Occasions catalogue is just about here.  On January 3rd the public will be able to order the products in it.  I had the privilege of ordering a month early so that I could make up samples to show off.  The problem with the timing is that Christmas got in the way.  Yes, I have used one of the brand new stamp sets.  I used it in making one of those little Christmas frames that I became rather obsessed with creating.  Today while I was clearing (and cleaning) my room, I reached for the same stamp set: Life in the Forest.  Ironic that this is the stamp set I bought on a last moment's whim!

I bought seven stamp sets from the new catalogue.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to use all seven before I begin to play with any of my other products.  And no---I can't use Life in the Forest again until I've used the other six.  After all, I used it twice.

May your New Year's Eve be safe and happy.  May you be as creative as you have always hoped during the coming year.  May you never want for friends and may you stay healthy.

God bless us----every one!

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