Saturday, 30 November 2013

Once the Ornament is gone...

That Festive Flurry Pop 'n Cut WOW card looks gorgeous with the removable ornament on the front, doesn't it?  You're probably wondering why a person would put so much work into the 3-D inside only to have an empty card front once the ornament is removed.  Well, it's not as if I'm going to leave my card like that.  Surely you didn't expect me to, did you?

So this is the card that some lucky person receives.

It looks great with that big ornament, right?  You can see from the portions of the card that are showing that the front has some Festive Flurry Specialty Designer paper on one side while the other side is simply the Soft Sky.  Just seeing the "Peace on Earth" heat embossed in silver on the fancy Island Indigo label at the bottom isn't going to make anyone look at that card twice once the ornament is on the tree.  Right?  Wrong!  I thought ahead and had a plan.

That cute little penguin has a fuzzy snowball in its flipper, ready to throw at some unsuspecting passer-by.   The fuzzy portion of the velcro sticker is a perfect snowball.  This is so much more cute in person!  The ornament also looks gorgeous on its own, doesn't it?  So instead of having a "ruined" card front once the ornament is removed, you have an adorable little penguin.  How sweet is that?

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