Sunday, 22 September 2013


Remember the banner that I made for the Blog Hop?  Well, once the photos were taken and the Blog Hop was over I had a banner lying there, nagging at me every time I looked at it.  Apparently it wasn't prepared to be put away somewhere until the next time I had a work shop or Open House.

I don't have much empty wall space in my Crafting Room.  Either I have bulletin boards up or framed projects mounted or magnetic sheets mounted for my never-ending supply of framelits and thinlits.  Looking around the house, there really wasn't a wall onto which I wanted to mount a banner, no matter how well I thought it turned out.

And then I spotted the metal word sculpture "Home" that has been above the bay window in my living room for the past few years and I knew where "Thanks" was going to be hanging.

Too much light coming in through the window, even with my cellular blinds blocking most of it.  But you get the idea.  I like the colours and the size of the banner even better than the much smaller metal "Home".

A closeup of the banner against the colour of the wall and you can see how well the colours of the banner compliment my room.   Maybe it was a good thing that the banner wouldn't stop nagging at me.

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