Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Neverending Story (of my continuing re-organization)

Optimism:  to expect the most favourable outcome.
Reality:  the way life actually happens.

I optimistically expected that I would get my room re-organized in one long, back-breaking day.  Then reality reared its ugly head, snorted at my expectations, and I had to accept the fact that, unless I was going to add another 24 or more hours to an already long day, my room would be done when it was done.

Well, day one seemed neverending.  I achieved a lot of mess, a back that insists it's broken, and had the opportunity to clean under areas that haven't seen the light of day for a while.  So far this re-organization isn't much fun.

This is the way my room looked when I had a skinny path around the table, with everything pulled towards the door, so that I could somehow manage to move one table (not seen) over to the other wall and move the long desk that was on that wall over to the empty spot you see in the corner of the room.  That hadn't been in the original plan but I didn't like the way the two towers worked beside each other with the brown table in the corner and so a new plan was born.  I should have known that an exhausted brain couldn't make perfect plans, but my optimism assured me that the new layout would be perfect.

This is the way my room looks at the start of Day 2 (which I am truly hoping and praying is the last full day I'll have to devote to this job).

Yes, I managed to get the long, skinny desk into the corner as planned.  I like the towers placed where they are.  You can't see it with all the excess "stuff" on it, but the brown table is over in the other corner across from the desk.  As I look around the room I am at a loss as to how I suddenly wound up with so many piles and no work surfaces.  That's a puzzle I'm hoping to solve today.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the "Organization from Hell".

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