Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Think angry----no, think ANGRY!

Lately our little grandson, Xavian (or X-Man as he's more frequently called), has been into all things Angry Birds.  Of course under the circumstances his birthday card had to be all about Angry Birds.  So I had to get myself into an Angry Bird state of mind.  I swear, working on this card made me begin frowning!

X-Man keeps saying that he loves every colour of the rainbow.  Actually one of his very favourite colours is red, but he doesn't like to hurt the feelings of the other colours.  Never, and I mean never, try to force him to say what is his favourite anything.  He'll always say he likes them all.  This little guy is all about making people and things feel good and so he can't pick favourties.

So I picked the red bird for the front of the card.  Easy-peasy.  The birds are basic shapes.  You have your circles and your triangles.  And I have so many punches...

Since X-Man just turned 6, it really was providential that I finally broke down and bought the Memorable Moments stamp set at the beginning of the year.  It was the perfect sentiment to heat-emboss in white on the "grass" at the bottom of the card.

And what is that bird angry about anyway?  It's those egg-stealing pigs!  So, of course, I had to put one of those evil pigs into the inside of the card, didn't I?  X-Man is always building those little wood structures for his Angry Birds game and so, using the Modern Label punch and then putting the pieces into the Woodgrain embossing folder seemed appropriate.  It's the perfect place for the pig to hide.

Sometimes it's fun to just take a few punches, some bright paper, and put together a card for someone you love, isn't it?  I had a blast and Xavian loved his card.  And that's what card-making is all about.


  1. these cards are fabulous. :))

    Hugs, Rosalien

    1. Thank you, Rosalien. They were fun to make and best of all, my grandson loved the card.

  2. Your Angry Red bird certainly looks angry! These punch art cards are very time consuming aren't they. But if the end result is one happy boy or girl then it is all worth it. :)

    1. They do take a while, Tricia. What really took time, however, was the little "birds" and "pigs" that I made and adhered to toothpicks to be placed on all the cupcakes that were served for the birthday party. Thank goodness all the kids were enchanted by them so I didn't have to weep over all the work gone into the garbage. ;)


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