Saturday, 10 November 2012

Getting ready for my WOW Christmas Card Class

Well, I've done it now.  I've advertised a WOW Christmas Card Class and have people coming to two classes in the coming week.  The pressure is on.

I love making cards and I especially love going that extra little way into WOW territory.  There's a lot of satisfaction in making a card that makes people take a second, third and even a fourth look.  Then there is making a selection of cards for people to make and wondering if the card I've just designed is "WOW" enough.  I find that since I am presenting these cards as examples of WOW cards for people to make in my class, I am questioning their "WOW" factor.

So far I have two that I am fully satisfied are up to WOW standards.  I have three more on the "bench", waiting to see if I can create something better to take their place(s) or if they will be "players" for the class.  I've advertised that there will be five samples to choose from with three being made during the class.

My first WOW Christmas Card Class is this coming Wednesday.  That will be the test of the cards.  I can always adjust a little or tweak them before Saturday's class.  It's the waiting that is the killer.

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