Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Easter! (Wait...isn't it Thanksgiving?)

Kids say the funniest things.  Some kids do the funniest things, too.  My grandson, Xavian (X-Man to his friends), is a fine example of the second.  A whole volume could be written about some of the funniest things he has done during his short life, but I'm only going to mention what happened this morning.

Apparently X-Man thought it was Easter this morning and not Thanksgiving!  The little munchkin decided to wake up extra early and, self-sufficient little guy that he is, took the eggs out of the fridge and coloured them all with his markers.  He's not known as our junior Picasso for nothing!  My daughter woke up just in time to  gently persuade him not to hide all of the freshly coloured eggs all over the house.  Wouldn't that have been interesting when they began to share that odor that only eggs can produce?

Our X-Man doesn't just march to his own drum...he marches to his own drum BAND!  My daughter says she's almost ready to begin volume 2 of his exploits to date.  Have I mentioned that he's only five?

I hope everyone here in Canada has had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  For those whose Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, remember that there is always time each day for a moment of giving thanks.

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