Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Was catnip used in this product?

Oh, I'm sure catnip is not one of the ingredients that went into the plastic of the Simply Scored.  Whatever is in the plastic, however, is at the very least as attractive to my sweet cat, Mei Li, as catnip.  There are days when I feel as if I should have a reservation for special times during which I can use the Simply Scored.  Lately catnap time seems to coincide with my stamping times and when I turn to score my cardstock, I usually find Mei Li sound asleep in the middle of the Simply Scored.  Of course I could wake her.  I am fully aware of that.  It just seems a bit rude and mean to disturb her when all I want is to score a line on some cardstock.  Lately, therefore, I have been saving up the pieces of cardstock which require scoring and, when I discover the Simply Scored is actually free for my use, I hurry to use it.

Why would a cat choose to sleep on a piece of hard plastic? There are countless soft places to sleep in my house, even in my Craft Room.  There is room on my work table, around the Simply Scored, but for Mei Li it must apparently be the Simply Scored or nothing.  The reason remains a mystery.  And now I had better stop this entry and hurry to score my cardstock.  Mei Li just left the room and the Simply Scored is temporarily mine to use.


  1. Too funny Heidi. You'll have to catch her on film. Thank God my dog Murphy can't climb up on my Simply scored. He's content to lie at my feet and sometimes across them. Good company for sure. Happy stamping and scoring!

  2. Oh my, Penny! I just had a mental picture of a dog on top of my work table as well. I must admit things could be worse than sharing my Simply Scored. :)

  3. lol I hope you get a picture of this soon! :) My craft room is in the basement. My dog refuses to come down to the basement, so that's good in that regard, though I wouldn't mind the company sometimes! Although, she does have a knack for barking right when I'm getting into my crafting. :/

  4. I definitely plan on taking a picture, Terri. Life has just been hectic since I had a Garage Sale (big mistake and waste of time) and am also getting ready for an Open House. Once I'm past that, I can relax and catch her in the act (of snoozing that is). Actually she's sleeping on it behind me as I type but I'm just too worn out to go and get my camera. :)

  5. Who knows what's in the mind of a cat. I'd vote for the theory that the slots on the board allow little tendrils of air to keep her body from overheating like it might if she slept on a pillow. Or maybe the ridges just make for a fun alternative to downy soft pillows. Perhaps she thought you were spending too much tme playing with the Simply Score and not enough time playing with her? Then again...she may know its a crucial tool and is playing with you. Cats enjoy mind games and messing with their humans favorite stuff. Have you tried tickling her with the stylus yet?


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