Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sharing Ideas...Creating Inspiration

I've visited countless Blogsites and Websites and have marvelled at some of the great cards or projects others have created.  Normally I don't copy from these samples I've seen, but sometimes I do get inspired and do it "my way".  I'm sure there are people who have looked at the few samples I've managed to post so far and have either copied or become inspired by them to do them "their way".  It's humbling to realize that if even ONE person uses a small part of an idea or design that I made and then that person has sent that card to another person, and that person has smiled.....I had a tiny part in that, and isn't that wonderful!  It's a way of reaching out and touching others that just wasn't possible once upon a time.

I believe that we as "creative people" are given a gift, that, when shared, can have an impact on another person in a way we may never know.  Let's not hide our bushels...but share them and watch them grow and "nurture" others.  

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