Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Baby Steps...

I'm beginning to consider this delay in having my first workshop as a gift of time.  In the past few days I've discovered so many new sites, so many new Stampin Up Demonstrators, so much information, that I realize I really was not as prepared for my first workshop as I could have been.  The beauty of this delay is that I can and will be more prepared. 

I am going to take some of the suggestions that I've read on other sites to heart.  I am preparing a list of classes and drop-ins that I will be offering.  I plan to give this list to everyone that is attending the workshop and will also tell them that anyone who brings a friend to one of these classes will only have to pay half the price of the class.  This has worked for other Demonstrators and should help me to get more of a customer base. 

I also plan to get more cards prepared as samples of my "work" as well as a couple of scrapbooking spreads to show how suitable the Stampin Up papers and supplies are for doing scrapbooking.  I know there are a lot of scrapbookers in the area. 

I am also working to get my crafts room organized.  There is still some de-cluttering left to do and some more set-up.  The room is thankfully large enough to hold a table long enough for eight people to work around.  I am becoming more comfortable with My Digital Studio and plan to offer classes in hybrid card making, scrapbooking, and other MDS  functions.  I've already set up a table in the room for working with the Big Shot and on the other side of the room, plan to have my desk so that I can use my laptop and printer for demonstrations as well.  Eventually I hope to have a small flatscreen TV on the wall so that I can demonstrate My Digital Studio more effectively.

The mounted TV will also make it possible to set up a video camera to project more detailed demonstrations of techniques onto the screen for everyone to see them more clearly.

Some of my plans won't be in place before the coming up workshop on January 29th, of course, but it's exciting making the plans and seeing how I can improve my fledgling business.

My next project will be to get some samples uploaded to this Blogsite.  Baby steps...I'm getting there, one baby step at a time.

Have a wonderful day! :)

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